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Powerwalking with Cootie?

Kenya, you kind of have to see this. It's from the AMNH magazine.

Powerwalking with COOTIE.Collapse )


Okay, these guys mimic this waaaay too well. (Kenya, let's be honest - you and I just aren't as good at it as they are.)



Five Russians were banned for doping. Seriously.

5 Russian race walkers banned for doping

Sep 23, 1:04 pm EDT


MOSCOW (AP)—Five Russian race walkers, including world record-holder Sergei Morozov, have been suspended for two years for doping.

Morozov, Viktor Burayev, Vladimir Kanaikin, Igor Yerokhin and Alexei Voevodin were sanctioned by the national federation for testing positive for the endurance-enhancing hormone EPO, the All Sport news agency said Tuesday.

Morozov holds the world record in the 20 kilometer walk, and Kanaikin is the former record holder in the event. Voevodin was the bronze medalist in the 50K walk at the 2004 Athens Olympics.

Morozov and Yerokhin tested positive on June 29, and the others on April 20, All Sport said.

The was no immediate comment from the federation.

Russia’s track and field athletes were dogged by doping allegations before and during the Beijing Olympics.


Kanaikin and Morozov both went under the world record at the national trials in March, but neither competed in Beijing. Kanaikin was dropped from the squad and replaced by 2005 world champion Sergei Kirdyapkin.

Morozov was entered but did not start the 20k race in Beijing.

Seven Russian women were provisionally suspended by the IAAF in July for allegedly manipulating urine samples.


As I've said, I stayed up to the end of the powerwalking match. Or ALMOST the end. I get the winner, at least. So here it is!!

Here's some incredibly exciting footage from the women's 20 K powerwalk, including the conclusion (which, unfortunately, 1863_project's brother talks through the beginning of, telling her some Facebook crap that she does not care about).

Last night, before the conclusion of the INTENSE race, some people sadly had to go to bed. Since I felt no one should have to miss any INTENSE race, I taped the end. And then had to split it into two parts. But I think it's ok...